Student Conference Awards (StCA)

Members and Terms of Reference

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Student Conference Awards

Terms of Reference

Student Conference Awards are available for registered postgraduate students to attend the annual conference and present a paper.

The Subcommittee shall receive submissions, judge them, and administer the awards.

The rules and procedures are announced in a timely issue of the Newsletter and on the ISCB annual conference webpage.


1. Jonathan Bartlett (UK)
2. Andrea Jorgensen (UK)
3.Carl-Fredrik Burman (SE)
4. Chris Metcalfe (UK)
5. Dimitris Rizopoulos (NL)
6. Fabiola Del Greco M. (IT)
7. Gerta Rücker (DE)*
8. Jeremy Taylor (US)
9. Myra McGuinness (AU)
10. Richard Cook (CA)
11. Sharon Lutz (US)
12. Thomas Jaki (UK)

* President’s Representative

For more details about student conference awards please contact us at this e-mail.