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The International Society for Clinical Biostatistics was founded in 1978 to stimulate research into the principles and methodology used in the design and analysis of clinical research and to increase the relevance of statistical theory to the real world of clinical medicine.

Membership is open to all interested individuals who share the Aims of the Society. ISCB's membership include clinicians, statisticians and members of other disciplines, such as epidemiologists, clinical chemists and clinical pharmacologists, working or interested in the field of clinical biostatistics.


ISCB1: Brussels, 2-3 May 1979

Googlegroup - Mailing List

Members are allowed to send emails to to discuss topics of general interest, or to announce workshops, training courses* or job opportunities. NB all messages are moderated to avoid spam or other inappropriate content.

*adverts for commercial courses have to be paid for.

Next Conference:

Participate in ISCB's next annual conference - ISCB38 in Vigo, Spain, 09-13 July 2017.


We use SurveyMoz as our survey tool provider.


News from ISCB37 - Birmingham 21-25 Aug 2016

A new golden era for biostatistics? News from BMC about ISCB 2016

Conference Photos on Flickr

Conference Photos as pdfs:

- Conference

- Students Night

- Welcome Reception

- Malvern Hike

- Conference Dinner
- Awards and Speeches
- CASc and StCA
- LOC and SPC
- Honorary Members
- Photo Booth
- ISCB_Info's Conference Review

"ISCB has grown tremendously as the clinical biostatistics community has grown": An interview with ISCB President David Warne (14Dec2016)

"I'm a statistical engineer": An interview with Professor Diego Kuonen (10Jan2017)

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