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Conferences, congresses, courses, meetings, workshops which may be of interest for our members are listed here. Information is taken from the ISCB News which refers to the ISI website.

If you would like to add an event to the list, please send all relevant information to the webmaster.

Please note that ISCB does not necessarily endorse these events.



Jul. 05-09

ANZSC 2021 ‑ Australian Statistical Society and New Zealand Statistical Association Conference
This conference brings together four leading statistical communities in the region – the Statistical Society of Australia, the New Zealand Statistical Association, the International Institute of Business Analysis (Special Interest Group for Business Analytics), and the Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics. The aim of this conference is to bring together a broad range of researchers and practitioners across a variety of statistical disciplines to facilitate the exchange of theory, methods and applications. With these four societies working together there will be strong program components of interest to a wide diversity of academic, government, and industry colleagues. This includes the full spectrum of delegates from those advancing theoretical methodology to those working on industry applications (in traditional and non-traditional statistical areas). Of particular interest is how Big Data continues to impact all of us. Website: https://anzsc2021.com.au/

Gold Coast, Australia

Jul. 11-16

63rd ISI World Statistics Congress 2021
This major biannual conference of the International Statistical Institute will take place virtually from 11–16 July 2021 in The Hague. More than 2500 participants are expected from over 130 countries. They can choose from over 1300 presentations. This is a unique chance for statisticians from the Netherlands to acquaint with new colleagues and meet some the world’s leading experts in our science. More information: website: https://www.isi2021.org/ Email: isi@cbs.nl


Jul. 18-22

42nd Annual Conference of the Iscb
The International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) was founded in 1978 to stimulate research into the principles and methodology used in the design and analysis of clinical research and to increase the relevance of statistical theory to the real world of clinical medicine. The 42nd Annual Conference of ISCB will be held in Lyon (France), a city located at the confluence of two rivers (Rhône and Saône) and whose old center is registered on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. This Conference will provide statisticians the opportunity to present, discover, and exchange their most recent theories, methods, applications, and experiences in all biological and medical disciplines. It will also be the occasion for fruitful meetings, discussions, and collaborations between researchers in various biomedical fields. More information: website: http://www.iscb2021.info/en Email: iscb2021@univ-lyon1.fr

Lyon, France

Aug. 07-12

Seattle, USA


Jun.July 27-10

Joint Southern Statistical Meetings 2022 (JSSM2022)
This conference will bring together the leading statistical communities in the region to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners across a variety of statistical disciplines to facilitate the exchange of theory, methods and applications. More information: website Email: JSSM2022@gmail.com

Darwin, Australia

Aug. 21-25

ISCB43 Newcastle, UK
The 43rd Conference of the International Conference for Clinical Biostatistics will be held in the UK in the city of Newcastle, which is located in beautiful rolling countryside with nightlife, castles and coastline all within easy reach. This conference will provide statisticians the opportunity to network, present their research and engage in discussions on recent advances in clinical biostatistics. Email: secretariat@iscb.info

Newcastle, UK


Jul. 15-20

Ottawa, Canada

Aug. 27-31

ISCB44 Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy



ISCB 45… ? ISCB is looking for enthusiastic local organisers of conferences from 2023 onwards. If you would like to know more about what this involves, please contact any of the ISCB Officers, ExCom or SCs who can let you more about what has to be done, when. Initial proposals should be sent to the Officers.

Milan, Italy

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