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ISCB Conference 2023

Milan, Italy 27-31 August 2023

Each year, the main event on the ISCB calendar is the Conference.

The conference is 5 days filled with courses, presentations, mini-symposia and discussions about everything and anything related to clinical biostatistics, together with an exciting social programme.

For specific information, please go the conference website.


Participate in the ISCB conference – ISCB44 – in Milan, Italy: 27-31 August 2023.

From ISCB News #72, December 2021:

Plans are well under way for ISCB44. The Local Organising Committee (LOC) comprises Maria Grazia Valsecchi (Chair), Paola Rebora (Treasurer). The Scientific Programme Committee will have as Chair Stefania Galimberti who is at work to define members.
The meeting will be held at the Milano Bicocca University, a young and research-oriented university, well equipped with meeting rooms and open spaces for related activities, in a highly modern campus-district integrated in the city. The University is populated by 35,000 students who will, however, not be attending courses at the time of the meeting. The campus is also well connected with the city centre through public transportations (metro line and buses).
Milan is a vibrant cosmopolitan centre where the various cultures of northern European and Mediterranean countries merge. It is a dynamic city full of stories to tell and a lot to offer: art museums, history, opera, fashion, design and culinary delights to suit every taste, budget, and requirement. Its extraordinary aesthetic traditions have been the humus for the new projects recently carried out in the city by various archistars. The city also enjoys an enviable setting in Lombardy. Filled with enchanting art cities, this is the Italian region with the largest natural parks and splendid lakes – like Como – surrounded by mountains and offers many opportunities for delegates.