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Student Conference Awards (StCA)


Terms of Reference

  1. Student Conference Awards are available for registered postgraduate students to attend the annual conference and present a paper.

  2. The subcommittee shall receive submissions, judge them, and administer the awards.

  3. The rules and procedure are announced in a timely issue of the Newsletter and on the ISCB annual conference webpage.


  1. Nadine Binder (DE, Chair)
  2. Katherine Lee (AU, Secretary)

  3. Andrea Jorgensen (UK)
  4. Carl-Fredrik Burman (SE)
  5. Chris Metcalfe (UK)
  6. Dimitris Rizopoulos (NL)
  7. Jeremy Taylor (US)
  8. Jonathan Bartlett (UK)
  9. Lehana Thabane (CA)
  10. Richard Cook (CA)
  11. Thomas Jaki (UK)

 For more details about student conference awards please contact us at this e-mail.


(Last edited: 2018-12-23)