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Conference Organising Subcommittee


Terms of Reference

  1. Bring together ISCB conference organisers or ISCB members who have an interest in sharing and passing on their knowledge and experience to help future ISCB conference organisers.

  2. Document processes and systems for assisting ISCB conference organisers.
  3. Review and update the documents whenever necessary and promote their usage for improving the procedures or conferences.



  1. Geir Egil Eide (NO, Chair)
  2. Jörg Assmus (NO, Secretary)

  3. David W. Warne (CH)
  4. Dawn Teare (UK)
  5. Erik Cobo (ES)
  6. Jacobo de Una Alvarez (ES)
  7. Jan Terje Kvaløy (NO)*
  8. Katherine Lee (AU)
  9. Kinga Salapa (PL)
  10. Maarten Schipper (NL)
  11. Pascal Roy (FR)
  12. Stephen Senn (UK)
  13. Tim Ramsay (CA)
  14. Tomasz Burzykowski (BE)
  15. Toshiro Tango (JP)
  16. Zdenek Valenta (CZ)


For more details about Conference Organising, please contact us at this e-mail.


(Last edited: 2018-12-23)