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Ballot: Change to Constitution and Creation of Statutes of Association

From Thu 11 to Wed 24 Oct 2018, ISCB's members will be able to vote on the following:

- Change to Constitution and Creation of Statutes of Association

ISCB operated for many years from its Permanent Office in Denmark. This arrangement ended at the end of May 2018. The Society has been registered in Denmark using a procedure called "CVR” which allowed banks and payment companies to have a legal foundation to refer to. This agreement will also soon be closed, as will the Society’s banking arrangements with Nordea Danmark. The Society’s activities have been governed by its Constitution which in clause (0.02) refers to Danish law.

As a consequence, the Society needs to find a new home, as a registered Society, and to find a new Office and bank. Since June 2018, the Office has moved temporarily to the Office of David W. Warne in Geneva, Switzerland.

"The ISCB Officers, the Executive Committee and the New Office Task Force have considered various alternatives. In the recent teleconference, ISCB Executive Committee have agreed on the attached documents as a solution that will allow a smooth transition for the Society given the very short time available to move our office and banking activities from Denmark. In 2019, the Society will consider offers to run the Office from professional organisations and there will be time to consider the best possible arrangement for ISCB.”

The Society proposes to amend the Constitution as follows:


This modifies clause [0.02] in order not to refer to Danish law.

The Society proposes to register itself in Geneva, Switzerland using the attached Statutes-of-Association document



- Executive Committee 2019-2020:

   - Vice-President
   - Treasurer
   - 8 Ordinary Members

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