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From Simon Day and David W. Warne, ISCB Newsletters No. 34 and No. 46


The idea of a meeting (not then a named Society) came from a discussion over dinner in Brussels in 1978. The following year, Maurice Staquet organised a meeting, which was hosted by EORTC, and held in Brussels (May 1979).

This has been termed ISCB-1, although it was not until a similar meeting, held the following year at the University of Exeter, that the Society was formed. At the following meeting held at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1982 [note there was no meeting in 1981] the first President, Professor Marubini, was elected.
Presidents held the post for one year and it was passed on at the Annual General Meeting (held, as now, during the conference). In 1992, the post of President was extended to be held for two years: Jorgen Seldrup was the first President to have that honour.
At the Annual General Meeting in 1996, a new and substantially updated Constitution was approved which (amongst many other things) changed the incoming / outgoing dates of the Executive Committee to be 1st January. The incoming Executive Committee, including the President, Karsten Schmidt, thus served a slightly longer period: instead of passing on to the new Committee at the Boston meeting in the summer of 1997, they continued until the end of December 1997.
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